Puzzling and Troubling

The W.H.O. quietly announced today that it would stop tracking swine flu cases and deaths worldwide.  This move was said to have baffled experts.  Certainly, it cannot be because those numbers have been declining:

“The last W.H.O. update, issued on July 6, showed 94,512 confirmed cases in 122 countries, with 429 deaths.

Many epidemiologists have pointed out that, in reality, millions of people have had swine flu, usually in a mild form, so the numbers of laboratory-confirmed cases were actually meaningless. And performing the tests has overwhelmed many national laboratories.

The briefing note said countries would still be asked to report their first few confirmed cases. It also said countries should watch for clusters of fatalities, which could indicate that the virus had mutated to a more lethal form.”

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27,737 Cases of Influenza A(H1N1) Infection, Including 141 Deaths World-Wide

WHO director Margaret Chan is speaking to several countries today about the recent increases in reported swine flu cases.

Chan says she personally believes that a pandemic is under way, but will be seeking clear proof that the new A(H1N1) virus is spreading rapidly from person to person outside the Americas before declaring a global epidemic.”

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