Not The Answer

Lots of people are upset about the swine flu.  But closing the U.S. Mexico border is not the answer.  The cat is already out of the bag, as they say.  There are cases of the H1N1 flu all over the world by now, and closing the Mexican border can’t really help much at this point.  In addition, it couldn’t be any less helpful to the economy in the U.S. or Mexico.

‘The border is a crossing point, not a canyon, and just a brief look at the numbers offer an idea of how busy that crossing point is. In January and February of this year, some $16 billion in exports went south from the U.S., while some $21 billion of imports came north, according to the Texas Center for Border Economy and Enterprise Development at Texas A&M International University.”

Nothing magical is going to happen if we close the border, or any border really.

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